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Top Pressure Sensitive Graphics Tablets 2014

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Graphics Tablet Pressure-Sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity of your graphics tablet is one of its most important characteristics you need to consider before buying. This attribute denotes the responsiveness of your drawing tablet to the pressure you apply with the stylus, and there are several pressure sensitivity levels to consider.

The levels of sensitivity range from 256, 512, 1024 or 2048, but your average value that is now most common is the 1024. This PS level is actually more than good enough for most, but serious graphics designers and people who want the best of the best may want to get their hands on a tablet with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. These are a bit more expensive, but depending on the side of the graphics tablet you need, you may even get a good price.

The key is to weigh the attributes you NEED very carefully - you do not want to throw away your money on a graphics tablet someone else says would suit you best. Perhaps a better choice for you is to get a small tablet with 2048 levels of sensitivity, while someone else may work better with a tablet that is medium size, but has 1024 levels. I use a Bamboo Create with 1024 levels, medium size, and I do not feel the need to change this drawing tablet at all.

Pressure-Sensitivity Explained

Pressure sensitivity of your tablet will literally determine the thickness or the opacity of your strokes according to the pressure you apply. You can set this feature up the way it suits you in the preferences of any better drawing software. I prefer that the pressure determines the thickness of the lines, but I mostly don't color my drawings.

Graphics tablet pressure sensitivity works either by having a sensitive surface of the tab, or by placing the sensors in the stylus. The more common method is when the stylus detects the pressure. The purpose of this attribute is to make you feel as though you were working on paper, imitating the natural way drawing feels traditionally - but on your computer.

Which are the best pressure-sensitive graphics tablets?

Depending on your needs, there are several graphics tablets you should consider if you are considering them by their pressure-sensitivity. Make sure to pick the correct size for yourself though.

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch

This is a perfectly balanced graphics tablet that has everything most artists and designers need. It dons a bit larger surface with 1024 pressure-sensitivity levels. I am using it, for instance, and it's perfectly suited to my needs.

Wacom Intuos5 Medium Pen Tablet

This graphics tablet offers smooth sailing in all areas with its superb attributes. It dons a medium sized surface, a light ergonomic stylus and 2048 pressure sensitivity levels.

Wacom Intuos5 Large Pen Tablet

This pen tab is the larger version of the one above. With its 2048 levels of sensitivity and a spacious working area, this is all you will ever need. If you can afford it, go for it. The Xpress buttons on the side are very useful as well.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display

Cintiq is a dream tablet for anyone who is serious about their art/work. The main characteristic that makes it so alluring is that you work directly on the screen, and it also has 2048 levels of PS, along with a pretty large surface. If you can afford a Cintiq, you should look no further. This is, in my opinion, the best graphics tablet currently.

VT PenPad 7.7-Inch Graphic Pen Tablet

If you never had a graphics tablet before and you want to practice, this one is about 30 $ and it has shocking 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. So what's the catch? There is no catch, it's a value product. Buy Wacom for the quality, VT for the practice. If you don't take care of it, it won't last you over a year.

Monoprice MP1060-HA60 Graphic Drawing 

Decent price, very affordable and offers a larger surface with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. Also, its stylus is pretty good. This is the cheap version of Bamboo Create.

Turcom Tursion 10 x 6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet 

A cheap tablet with 2048 levels of sensitivity and a large work area. Enough said.

Tursion Graphic Drawing Tablet with 8 Hot Key, 10 x 6.25 Inches

For 50 $ you get a graphics tablet with a large ergonomic working area, 1024 levels of sensitivity  8 hot key and 16 function keys. Great for people on a reduced budget.

These are the tablets worth considering when thinking about buying a pressure-sensitivity-wise a good drawing tab. I have explained the characteristics of some more tablets and listed them in the Best Pressure-Sensitive Graphics Tablets article, so you can see that as well.

Good luck finding the best graphics tablet for your needs!