Friday, April 19, 2013

Monoprice 10X6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet Review

Is Monoprice the best cheap graphics tablet?

In my opinion, Monoprice 10x6.25 inches graphics drawing tablet is the best value graphics tablet available.

In this review, I will try to list some pros and cons of this graphics tablet so that you can decide if this is a good product for your needs. As I emphasized numerous times in my article Graphics Tablets Brands and Reviews, some of us may not be able or willing to cash out a couple of hundreds of dollars for a Wacom tablet, and they are looking for something cheaper that has good specifications.

Monoprice graphics tablets is certainly one of the best out there when it comes to good quality for a low price. This tablet is extremely cheap at about 50-60 bucks, and proved to be very durable and practical.

Monoprice features a good size of 10x6.25 inches, which is comparable to the size of Bamboo Fun, and is 4 times less expensive than the Wacom in question. Its pressure sensitivity is excellent at 1024 levels, and only the prefessionals and the extra-needy will want more. What I expected with this tablet was a bad response time, but I am happy I was wrong. The low response time of the Monoprice graphics tablet downright impressed me.

Much like most graphics tablets, it has programmable hotkeys which are excellent for advanced users who want to save time. It's also very solid, which makes it durable and easy to use without worrying you'll damage something. In fact, I was always more cautious with my Bamboo Create tablet than with this one, because Monoprice seems much sturdier.

The only con I would emphasize is the fact that the pen requres a battery, which makes it bit heavier. Regardless of this, the pen is still not awkward to use and will fit well in your hand.

If you are sick of paying a lot of money for your graphics tablet, or are buying your first graphics tablet, I'd recommend Monoprice. It will not let you down, and won't hit your wallet hard. A warm recommendation.

You can find your own Monoprice pen tablet or read more customer reviews here:

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Recommended Graphics Tablet

Which is the top recommended graphics tablet?

Which drawing tablet is the best?

These are all valid questions which need to be addressed, but always keeping in mind that this is a higly individual matter that needs to be answered with caution.

With that in mind, I give you my personal recommendations and my take on this matter.

As I have previously mentioned in my post top graphics tablets, you need to be careful when choosing a drawing tablet, especially if you never had one before. You want to go for something that is not too expensive, but your choice has to be solid - you need to select a graphics tab that will have balanced specs, an adequate work surface, a pens stylus that will feel good in your hand and with good pressure sensitivity.

Now, what is ideal for somebody may be a disaster for someone else, so this is all more or less individual. However, I was asked to pick one tablet that could be considered the best choice for beginners and professional artists as well. Keeping in mind that not everyone has the same budget for a drawing tablet, I have selected two of these to review in this post, one cheaper and balanced, and one great, albeit a bit more expensive tablet.

Wacom Bamboo Create

When I just started out with digital art, I had a generic brand graphics tablet just to try out if it works for me to draw digitally. It turned out I loved it, but the tablet I had had horrible pressure sensitivity. Bamboo Fun tablet was the first version of this tablet, and when Bamboo Create was released, I had just enough money to get one. You will love this tablet - it has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity (which is more than enough for most artists), it is 13.8 x 8.2 x 0.4 inches in size, it has express buttons, and virtually no compatibility issues. It dons a sleek design, it's easy to use, the pen stylus is perfect and the price is very accessible  If you'd ask me which is the best cheap to medium price graphics tablet to get, I'd say Wacom Bamboo Create.

Wacom Intuos5 Medium

This tablet offers 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity on a 48.4 square inches of working surface, which is somewhat impressive for its price. It's a perfect tablet for professional artists who cannot quite afford the Cintiq. On the other hand, this tablet offers you just about everything you need, so there is no point in looking further than this if you need very good specs. With Wacom Intuos5 Medium, you will get all of this for a reasonable price, and this tablet will be your best friend for a long time because of its quality and durability. This is my personal favorite graphics tablet, and I have no intention of getting another one for a good while. A warm recommendation.

Of course, if these two are not in your price range, or you'd like to see more graphics tablets and read some more reviews for the sake of comparison, you can go to my top 10 graphics tablets page and see some more. Feel free to leave a question or a recommendation of your own either there, or right here on this post.